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A Comedy of Errors
While in Chicago for work, I managed to miss two tests for one of the classes I'm taking over the summer. Yesterday I attempted to make them up through the university testing center. It was not meant to be.

I arrived on campus and realized I didn't have a scantron for the tests (since when do students have to provide their own scantrons?) No problem I thought, there is a vending machine in the student center that sells them, and an ATM from which I can get the required cash.

The ATM was out of order.

No big deal I thought, I'll run over to the off campus bookstore where I can buy a scantron with my debit card.

They were closed.

No problem I thought to myself- I'll go get that iced coffee I wanted at the Mc'D's and get cash back so I can use the vending machine.

That McD's doesn't do cash back.

While starting to get frustrated, I realized there was a Walgreens next to the McD's. I knew I could get cash back there, so I went in and purchased a pencil and asked for cash back.

With cash in hand, I drove back to the student center. I try ones, I try fives and...

The machine wouldn't accept the bills.


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