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Household Budgeting
While household budgeting is a very personal matter, I wanted to reach out to my flist for informal feedback. We need to get greater control of our finances and maximize budget predictability. We've tried several things and can't seem to stick with them, so- I'm thinking of moving to a cash only system of household budgeting (with online money movement for things like mortgage, car payments, etc.

Edit: This is along the lines of the plan on which I'm ruminating.

So for feedback, have any of you tried it and if so, how did it go/is it going?

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I'm starting to switch to a cash only system for "frivolous spending". That is, we use the credit card/checks for groceries ($100-$120 per week), rent, clothes (limited to $100 per person per month), gas, bills/insurance, and our once a week eating out. Every month, after i get the bank statement, I subtract debits from credits, see if we've met our savings goal for the month. Any extra money, we have the option of converting into cash, and spending however we want to: eating out more, lattes, movies, books, necklaces, decoration stuff, etc. Birthday and Christmas checks can also be automatically be converted into cash.
There's always a few months where there's nothing left over after savings (mostly, the months in which car insurance is due). But, its not a huge deal.

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