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Household Budgeting
While household budgeting is a very personal matter, I wanted to reach out to my flist for informal feedback. We need to get greater control of our finances and maximize budget predictability. We've tried several things and can't seem to stick with them, so- I'm thinking of moving to a cash only system of household budgeting (with online money movement for things like mortgage, car payments, etc.

Edit: This is along the lines of the plan on which I'm ruminating.

So for feedback, have any of you tried it and if so, how did it go/is it going?

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Tough when trying to save

My one gripe about a cash system is that if you're hoping to accrue extra savings from under-spending on budget items (above and beyond the savings already budgeted for, which we, incidentally, don't have the flexibility to do), it's extremely tempting to just spend the whole envelope. We did a cash system for awhile, but where we could have trimmed back our food budget by eating out less or eating more affordable meals, we'd buy the best, instead.

We use, and Cha Ching on the computer. I'm slowly getting everything set up on Splash Money which will sync purchases on the iPhone to the computer. I think it also does some syncing with your online banking and credit cards, but I haven't inspected that yet. It's all less than a week old.

Our MOST beneficial practice ever was getting a PayPal debit card. All our fun money comes from what we sell either on eBay or etsy or whatever. If there isn't money going to PayPal, then we can't eat out. Of course, it only works when you have wads of de-cluttering to sell off! ~Deedee

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