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***Disclaimer- I'm actually increasing my percentage contribution to my 401K and other investments today to take advantage of this oh so low period***

I just checked my 401K balance- OMG. :::cries:::

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"Buy low, Sell high"

There are some wonderfully undervalued stocks out there at the moment. Although I have to keep reminding myself not to look at my 401k balance at the moment. Granted, at least the GE stock is attempting to recover; I'm assuming thanks to the news that Buffet is going to be buying a nice chunk of common stock.

I'm not *actually* worried about the future, it is just the utter shock of seeing my balance drop by 2K since last Friday.

Another thing that I was once told- and that is keeping my portfolio in better shape- don't retire where you eat (though I did just BUY a whole bunch where I currently eat- thanks to the Buffet announcement, I've already theoretically made money.)

I wish I had some available funding set up in an account for purchases. I'm already kicking myself for not picking up AIG on the cheap earlier this week, and today its GE.

We're both in this market for the long haul, so 2k drops are nothing. Its not until you're within a few years of retirement you have to start being careful. Its my parents I feel sorry for right now, considering they've been aiming to retire within the next 4 years.

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