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Education take 2
Penguin Dance

During my undergraduate years- I never studied, unless staring at notes on the way to class before an exam counts. I occasionally did homework- usually only if required for the course grade. I abused the amazing gift of a free undergraduate education afforded me by the state of Florida and probably disappointed many who believed in my potential to be a successful engineer or skilled lawyer. I went to an institution with many scholars, libraries and thousands of intellectually stimulating opportunities. How many did I take advantage of? How many professors would remember my name? Maybe one if I were lucky- and only because I took four classes from him and routinely visited his office to argue.

Now, somehow, I'm in grad school, studying business and statistics, two subjects I would have never predicted a later me having an interest in. I'm passionate about both, almost obsessed. I got to this point by realizing my ignorance in relation to everything I do day to day at work. I have "expertise" in areas where I lack the underlying, detailed understanding required to take it to the next level. I can't in good faith continue to move forward in my career with only a surface expertise in everything I do.

So here I am, studying almost every minute I'm not at work, pondering and processing what I studied the next morning as I drive to work. What if I had possessed this sort of drive while in my undergraduate years at Florida? Perhaps I was too young- a 17 year old, mostly naive junior from a town of 6000 people amongst a diverse student body of 40,000? Or perhaps I simply found my path a different way.

As cocky as I am, corporate America has instilled a certain humility that I think is driving my new approach and love of education. I must learn every day to be successful. I must listen to those both below and above me with equal measure. I must take each players agenda and motivation into account when making suggestions or decisions. To be cliche, as I learn something new each day, I become acutely more aware of how little I know. This self awareness of ignorance makes me open to formal education, hence I am where I am right now- studying, making myself care about cash flow statements, bimodal analysis, and due care. One day, while not a successful engineer or skilled lawyer, I do want to be relied upon as an expert in my field and a talented manager and leader.

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I understand completely!

That is why you *totally* rock.

I need T conversation and Coldstone Creamery ice cream.

I also regret how careless/unmotivated/etc i was during my time at UF. I also did it through grad school, and now i feel like i wasted my time and money. I secretly want to go back to school, but i am scared that i will fall into old habits again =/ Keep up the good work!

Thank you. I'm guessing that passion is the secret to developing good habits. Don't go back until you're comvinced of your passion.

Even with your "careless/unmotivated/etc" time at school, I would still be thrilled to have you teach my future children.

Wow - grown-up Meredith is impressive! :) You surprise me, the person you've become / are becoming is truly awesome.

Thank you :c)
I think it is pretty amazing how we've all changed. Some people on my lj flist have been around since my first year at UF. Now some are married, some have left grad school, some are on completely different paths.


I'm currently taking a Business Stats course, and have found myself wondering much the same thing.

25 years after the undergrad years, and I finally 'get' it. Not statistics... but education.


I find it funny that it is hardest to obtain an education when one is mentally at the point where they "get it" and get the most out of it.

We can compare business stats notes :c)

soooooooo...i'm seriously thinking about going back to UF for a PHD in Special seriously, and its all your fault!

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