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Real Life
Penguin Dance
I always formulate blog entries, and then never get around to writing them.

I absolutely love my life. It isn’t that I have a millions in the bank or that work or life in general is easy. Rather, it’s because little mundane things within my day to day being make me smile, or better yet, laugh like a seal, inside or out.

I was reminded of this fact on Sunday. (Beware, background required) Our house is old and many of the doors and latches are original. We also have four dogs and two cats, all of whom are technically house trained. The dogs, when left to their own devices at night, specifically the male dogs, choose to wander about and once a week hike their legs on something. We’ve noticed that when blockaded into our room, they don’t leave these fun surprises.

So, back to the original comment on doors and latches. Due to their more “authentic state”, few doors in our house stay closed without some form of assistance. In our bedroom, this assistance comes in the form of moving the nightstand in front of the door, thus preventing the cats, who don’t sleep in our room, from pushing the door open and unleashing the dogs (henceforth to be referred to as “the beasts”) and waking up my beautiful, sleeping peacefully, wife.

Why is this so amusing you might ask? Well, imagine, having the middle of the night call of nature that many of us do. Now imagine having to shimmy out of bed (who knows how many dogs are piled around you), tip toe over the dogs that are on the floor, move the dresser from in front of the door to get near the bathroom. Once near the bathroom, what do you have to do to prevent the door from being opened by the cats, thus disturbing those in the bedroom and “unleashing the beasts”? One must find the cats and bring them into the bathroom, where the door does actually shut and stay closed by itself! So the great cat hunt must begin! Think to yourself where the cat might be. Ok, you’ve found one. Now curse to yourself because you can’t find the other one. Do you risk not finding the other cat and said cat magically appearing once you are in a compromised state, only to push the door open and cause a great ruckus? Now, you suddenly see the other cat, swoop the cat into the bathroom, where finally, finally there is a bit of relief. You go back to the bedroom, where you hear the faint whisper of your wife saying “wait, don’t push that back (referring to the nightstand in front of the door, I need to go too”. Think to yourself about the act you know she surely will repeat.

Thinking about the adventures we have for such simple tasks makes me smile, giggle and appreciate this fun thing called marriage and family. Right now, my family is a wife, four dogs, and two cats. I can only imagine how much more fun it will be if we are blessed with a baby.


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