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Goodbye Facebook
Today, I deleted my Facebook account.

This decision was the culmination of two things, neither of which are particularly dramatic, but nonetheless, reason for concern.

1. My Facebook friends were comprised of High School, College, Work, Neighborhood, Family, Etc. These circles are not always meant to mix. Example: I found some pictures from my college days which I thought other friends on Facebook might find humorous. I made sure that the ones I posted were clean- i.e. little alcohol if any, not suggestive sexually, and generally not anything those pictured would be embarrassed by should someone from a recruiting office find the profile. I did my best to tag everyone so they knew the pictures were there. In response, another friend posted pictures from a UF drinking birthday party at Hooters. In those pictures where I was tagged, I was being a normal college kid. While this friend did nothing wrong, I woke up in the middle of the night from a dead sleep and realized that work mates could see those pictures, including people from whom I might be begging a job in a few years. All I could think about for the next hour was the fact that on Facebook, if you have friended someone, you really have no control over what tags become associated with you, and thus viewable in your profile. Bad Bad Bad plan.

2. Getting back in touch with old friends was sucking up too much time- at work, at home, on my phone. I need to pay attention to the woman I love most, not Facebook. I need to play with my dogs, read books, study- not Facebook.

How many forms of interaction with the web world do I really need? It seems that with LinkedIn, two blogs, etc, I should be able to keep in touch.
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you could have just untagged yourself ...

It didn't seem to work? I tried it on several pics last night.

Bummer! I will miss you on FB!

I have mixed feelings about Facebook. Its been great for reconnecting with old coworkers and friends I haven't talked to in quite a while, and probably wouldn't have caught up with otherwise, but then again I have some of the same concerns you do with lacking control over photos that get posted and then get tagged.

Luckily I don't seem to have the issues with spending too much time there or on MySpace. LJ seems to be my only major vice, and then its only at work I really seem to check it.

Hmm, untagging has never not worked for me before. It might've just been some kind of lag or something, or else your friend is rude and kept re-tagging you, heh.

That said, I had a major falling out with a friend this weekend over Facebook photos. I had specifically asked her NOT to post photos of a party at my house, because I wasn't able to invite many people. She posted them anyway... it's a long story, but drama ensued and I stuck my foot in my mouth with a mutual friend of ours. I'm thinking of deleting mine too.

you know you can control who can see photos tagged of you, right?

now, you can't stop mutual friends from seeing photos that have been posted, like invisibelle had happen. but if you've got work mates who are NOT friends of your personal friends, you can set the privacy of "Photos Tagged Of Me" so that work people can't see them. i've got my FB set up so that only Personal/Family can see "Photos Tagged of Me" so that if my friends post photos from college or high school, that I won't have that part of my life exposed to my coworkers. so far, the only thing out there is me in a bikini sitting in a canoe i'd made out of concrete. embarrassing enough! and invisibelle's friend could have set permissions on the photo album so that only invitees were able to see the pics. that would've satisfied everyone there.

anyway, you've deleted your FB account, so it's moot now, but this is good stuff for others to know, i guess.

Noooooo, please un-delete it! You can control who sees parts of your profile-- for instance, only about fifty people can see my status updates and some of my photo albums.
Now I'm going to have to start checking Livejournal again... sigh!

No worries, chickie!! Don't feel bad about deleting your account. I would do the same with my MySpace & FB accounts but I worry that some of the people I do talk to on those functions, I might lose contact with them.

You, on the other hand, I am not worried about. ;) I still love that bowling photo of us!! ;)

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